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Welcome to Quahog!  Today is not only “International Women’s Day” but the day that I launch Quahog online.  I am thrilled for you to be reading these pages and want to share my story about what inspired me to create Quahog over the past few months.

Spending a few glorious summer weeks at home on Cape Cod, MA (USA) lead me to consider my next calling via the question that we never seem to have time to ask ourselves: “What is it that I really want to do?” I love working on everything that is going to help a company or organization grow.  I’ve had an excellent career spanning the airlines, consulting and ad tech industries in various roles from business development to human resources.  My sister, the lawyer, asked me: “Why in the world do you want to stay in HR?  HR is useless.”  This statement is like a broken record and sure, I could bow my head or become a change agent in this space.  The fact is, I love change, everything talent and the emotional elements of business that can be measured and applied to help a company increase revenues.  Managers are the key to growth, so companies need to start addressing this and stop blaming recruitment for bad hiring.

Returning to my home of eleven years, Berlin, I set out to establish a network of like-minded, modern HR experts.  We all agreed: HR is broken.  How do I/we fix this function and what can I/we do? So I did the following: 1) Set up a society – a secret one – that is member referral-only (also re-launching today at a Meetup as “Secret HR Society – SHRS” and 2) Established my first client projects as a consultant myself and with a few key people.

I returned to the Cape for a few days in October and when quahogging with my Dad. Standing in knee-deep water, I then realized an immediate link between quahogs and people.  On the outside, quahogs are ugly, but on the inside they are individually unique and reveal vibrant colors and forms  – exactly the way that companies look at their people, except that they are stuck on the outside.

My business is to challenge leaders & managers to explore the inside – or potential of their employees – from hiring to developing.  I look forward to working open source with like-minded leaders/managers to address how they can add immediate value with the talents that they already have – of course, I will continue driving the larger HR change needed too.

Thoughts and comments are always encouraged and more stuff to come through the launch of the “Knowledge Center”.


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