Posted by on March 31, 2016

Sitting for lunch today at the ever-so-hip Soho House in Berlin, I was having a conversation today with a client about interview training.  Tomorrow is going to be the company’s first ever interview session (they planned 20 minutes) and when I said that 20 minutes is not going to be enough, he rebutted that it was all that they had because the hiring managers who signed up for this session think that he should come with their “hallelujah” to the best interview questions ever.  I asked him to simply take a look around and do a quick scan as to how many people would look like they would fit in his company.  He counted 7 very hip people.  Was even one question asked? Nope.  He smirked and commented that maybe he should start with his teams’ nonverbal biases.

This info graphic (or just picture to most) is one my very favorites depicting nonverbal biases when interviewing and of course, all too common mistakes. In a study of 2,000 hiring managers, 33% of hiring managers said that they made a decision after only 90 seconds.

Decision Factors:

56%  –  looks, acts, walks through the door

38%  –  voice, grammar, confidence

7%  –  words one chooses to say

People need more coaching and training on how to stop the nonverbal biases and ultimately, biases in general.  Interview training should be rigorous and mandatory for anybody who is involved in the hiring process.  Start with one session, start when people are onboarded and continuously coach and improve to remove biases. Hire for talent, potential and the diversity that naturally comes when this is done…the success of the company will thank you.


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