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Most likely, you don’t.

Society and our bosses are consumed with fixing weaknesses, but imagine if we know what we are really great at – think about what is fun and comes naturally to you – and can begin using these Strengths daily?  Strengths should be applied productively and companies can gain a competitive advantage when their organizations, teams and individuals lead with Strengths.

I support the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment tool and approach 150%.   It changed my world view and helped provide a language around who we are as individuals and to understand  potential in people.  I started working at Gallup a year after Donald Clifton, the creator of the Clifton StrengthsFinder, grandfather of Positive Psychology and former CEO of Gallup, passed away.  There were so many people who knew Don and each had a personal story about how he and Strengths impacted their lives.  10 years later at a dinner in Brussels sitting next to his son and a great mentor of mine, Jim Clifton, Jim told me with radiant, happy-tear-filled-eyes: “My God.  The 10 Millionth person just completed StrengthsFinder.  My Dad knew this would be big.”

After years with Gallup working with Strengths as a consultant, coach, leader and internal partner, the feeling when somebody receives their first feedback and they ask for more insights is like no other. Then they make the link to their role, performance, goals and you know that Strengths is a movement.  One of my missions is to make it a practical movement to focus on one’s unique potential linked to a new way of working and helping companies run a strengths-based business.  Strengths can add so much to a company’s culture and provide a new performance management framework.


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